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Take jQuery fixing to the next level and use the full power of the Joomla! framework to create separate jQuery Easy configurations.

Fine-tune your jQuery requirements (including jQuery UI and Mobile) and only fix issues on pages that cause problem. And now, you can even limit the plugin's processing to the <head> area of your site pages! That will consume less server resources and definitely improve performance.

Manage different templates (perfect to separate desktop and mobile websites), select menu items, user access or language to completely make jQuery Easy work for your website.

The jQuery Easy Profiles package contains a module and a plugin.

Enable the plugin to run jQuery Easy on your website. No changes are mades until new configurations are created.
Set a custom template position that will be used by the modules and use the report feature to see the plugin in action. Restrict plugin access to Super Users and test your settings on your production site, without any risk. The visitors of your site won't suspect a thing.

Create any number of profiles by using the module's framework and decide where the plugin will be active. Do finer tuning by using optional 'enable' and 'disable' parameters. Set the basic and expert parameters like it is already done in jQuery Easy.

Includes a worry-free migration from the free jQuery Easy plugin on first install!
Do not loose your old setup when upgrading. The new configuration will be ready for you!

jQuery Easy Profiles Modifications Report

Using the parameters of the jQuery Easy Profile 1 profile

jQuery Easy Profiles Modifications Report
 processing the whole document
 re-ordered header libraries
 removed 1 jquery-noconflict.js script(s)
 skipped the removal of media/jui/js/chosen.jquery.min.js
 removed 1 jQuery library(ies)
 added the jQuery library
 removed 1 Migrate script(s)
 added the jQuery Migrate plugin
 added the script /media/syw_jqueryeasyprofiles/js/jquerynoconflict.js
 removed 3 empty script tag(s)
 removed 66 blank line(s)