Joomla 3

  • Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

    Formally Trombinoscope Extended

    Show your contacts in a grid-like fashion. This is the perfect tool to represent business collaborators, organisations, school students, sports teams or any information that makes sense in a directory. 

  • Truly Responsive Slides

    Responsive, interactive and SEO-friendly Joomla! slideshows created from images, articles or K2 items.

  • Truly Responsive Slides Pro

    Formally Truly Responsive Slider

    Show article content as a slideshow with additional tools that make your slides truly responsive and SEO-friendly.

  • Weblink Logos

    Display weblinks with logos from a category defined in the standard Joomla! Weblinks component in a grid or list-fashion. Add hover effects and carousel style animation.

  • Weblink Logos Pro

    Show your weblinks in a grid or list fashion. A great tool to represent logos, sponsors or any information that makes sense in a directory of links. 

  • Weblink Logos Pro footer